The NYDC Challenge

The approach to all public works in the New Yangon City shall follow guidelines of transparency, accountability and efficiency. NYDC has adopted the global model of the Swiss Challenge which is a model that allows fair competition, efficiency and ensures ultimate transparency.


A company that is qualified and competent to undertake a certain scope of work will be selected;


A negotiation will take place until a mutually acceptable Pre-Project Document (PPD) is obtained upon a provisional agreement;


The PPD will be made public to allow any qualified party to challenge the agreement with better terms on the basis that it strictly adheres to the terms and conditions of the tender assessment criteria;

Counter Bids

Should a second party challenge with a lower bid, the first party will be allowed to match the offer or forego, in which case the second party will be awarded with the contract. However, the second party must pay back to the first party all costs incurred in connection with preparing and submitting the PPD. Those costs shall be agreed between NYDC and the first party prior to the initiation of the tender process.